Bridging Natural Language Processing AI techniques and Corporate Communications: towards an integrative model

Pintér Dániel Gergő, Ihász Péter Lajos

Absztrakt / abstract

Today’s communication channels and media platforms generate a huge amount of data, which - through advanced AI- (Machine Learning) based techniques - can be leveraged to significantly enhance business networking, improve the efficiency of public relations, management, and extend the possible application areas of communication components. As a sub-discipline of AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is frequently utilized in the field of corporate communications (CC) to boost target-group satisfaction through information retrieval and automated dialogue services. The findings of this synthetizing study is based on primer qualitative research building on the methodology of deep interviews and focus group research involving experts practicing in the fields of CC and NLP. Based on the feedbacks of the participants a refined CC model was developed, as well as a model mapping conventional NLP techniques onto CC disciplines and tasks they are utilized for.


business management; natural language processing; public relations; corporate communication; deep learning; artificial intelligence; AI ethics

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